Twinsburg Public Library: Udemy Sign Up

 Survey used to create login for Udemy Database.

Thank you for taking classes through Twinsburg Public Library's Udemy subscription. Please fill out this sign up form. In one to two business days, you will receive an email from the library with instructions for creating your Udemy account. 

A Twinsburg Public Library card is required for using this resource. If you have any questions, you can call the library at 330-425-4268 ext. 4. 

There are 3 questions in this survey.

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1  What is your Full Name?
Please type your first and last name. 
2  What is your Twinsburg Public Library card number? (Twinsburg Public Library Card is required to use this resource.)

  *You are required to have a Twinsburg Public Library card number. You can sign up for a library card during normal business hours. Please call 330-425-4268 for details. 
3 What is your valid email address? 
 Twinsburg Public Library will not share your information with third parties. We only collect email for the validation of your Udemy account. Udemy will send your certificates and other official correspondences.