Volunteer Application for Twinsburg Public Library

Our volunteers are an essential part of the every day operation of the library. They help out with programs, staff the gift shop, shelve and organize library materials, and much more.

There are 20 questions in this survey.

Application Questions

Volunteers are welcome and an important part of our library. They help us fulfill a variety of services to the community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can begin the process by submitting this application.

Format: dd.mm.yyyy

Last Name
First Name
Street Address
City, State

Home Phone Number
Work / Cell Phone Number
Drivers License Number
Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Number

Library services areas that are most interesting to you (check all that apply).
Homebound Delivery
Information Services (e.g. book discussion leader)
Friends of the Library Book Sale
Friends Gift Shop
Specialized Skills (e.g. teaching computer classes, MLIS student work) *Qualifications required.
Reason or motivation for volunteering

Kind of work preferred

Kind of work least desireable

Briefly describe any work/volunteer experience that may help up match you to volunteer duties

Are you available for (check all that apply)
Short term projects
On call as needed
Long term projects (working on a weekly basis)
Time slots you have available (indicate hours you are available, such as 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

Volunteer Agreement

Your work as a volunteer provides an important support for the library's mission to provide every person access to library materials and services. Volunteer and paid staff of the Twinsburg Public Library perform different duties, are evaluated on different critieria, and receive different benefits.

The library agrees:
1. To provide you, as a volunteer, with a safe working environment.
2. To provide supervision and training by a member of the library staff, who will answer your questions and provide feedback regarding your work.
3. To recognize your contributions as a volunteer to the success of the library.

As a volunteer, you agree:
1. To accept the guidance and decisions of the staff.
2. To recognize the function of the paid staff, maintain smooth working relationships with them, and stay within the bounds of volunteer responsibilities.
3. To always wear a volunteer badge.
4. To report on time, as scheduled, and check in with the staff upon arrival. To record volunteer hours on the volunteer time sheet. To inform my supervisor as soon as possible if I am unable to keep my work schedule. To notify my supervisor if I need to take an extended leave, if I wish to work at another location, or if I decide to resign.
5. To dress appropriately and act courteously to patrons and employees. To recognize that the library is a public place where attitude and appearance are important, and things need to be done accurately.
6. To maintain the dignity and integrity of the library with the public and respect patron confidentiality. I will not discuss any patron by name or their reading selections outside of the library.
By typing your name here, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Twinsburg Public Library Volunteer Agreement.